Build Safely

Work Safety in Construction

M GOUTHAM REDDY, Executive Director, Ramky Group, updates on the latest trends in safety during construction.

Safety comes with a cost. How do you tackle with the same?

The cost factor in this sense is related to time; the time spent in training, planning, getting equipment that is required, and setting right things that are not looked into in the initial stage.

The best way to tackle this situation is to ensure that your planning is more-or-less exactly fitting to the master schedule, of course with some grace period on hand. Any activity that is being planned at the execution level has to be looked into from the HSE point of view also, considering the facts mentioned. For example, all the personnel coming to the site need to be trained, both generally, and also, in their respective skill sets, with particular emphasis upon the site specific conditions.

Material that is being purchased should be more in conformance to the required standards and statutes rather than aimed at cost saving. Otherwise, the result would be repeated spending on similar material at a later stage. Consulting the HSE department in this regard is all the more facilitating.