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Pursuing Triumph

Shailesh Puranik Managing Director Puranik  Builders Pvt LtdHaving a number of successful building projects to his credit, SHAILESH PURANIK, Managing Director, Puranik Builders Pvt Ltd, is in sync with the trend of enhanced affordability and increasing aspirations of home buyers. Excerpts…  


What encouraged you to get into the business of real estate development?

Puranik Builders Pvt Ltd was established in 1968 by two dynamic personalities Gopal Puranik and Ravindra Puranik. Influenced by the family business and as an architect by profession, I entered into the business of real estate soon after completion of my studies. Moreover the liking for architecture, the trustworthiness, the quality structure etc also encouraged me to join the Puranik group and create milestones in the field of real estate.  

What kind of change did you bring about in your organisation? If yes, what impact did it create?

As a young developer, I have tried my best to incorporate the needs and the demands of today’s young generation. The innovative designs, the upcoming trends that meet the global standards have all been integrated in our projects. Our customers are happy with our work and have great trust in us which I feel is a great achievement.