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MC-Special Plus

Even in the case of excellent composition and compactness, concrete consists of small voids. The so-called “capillary pores” (on an average 13-16 per cent by volume) which are due to a generous addition of mixing water. The additional mixing water is used to obtain sufficient compactness and workability. Owing to these capillary pores, concrete is always more or less pervious to water or hygroscopic. As opposed to conventional waterproofing products, MC-Special Plus provides integral waterproofing properties by combining two characteristics into one specially designed product. These properties that give concrete the extra edge in protection against water ingress are:
Reduction of Capillary Pores: Special additives in MC-Special Plus make the concrete more workable (increases slump) at the same w/c ratio or provide a reduction in w/c at the same workability levels. This property helps concrete achieve excellent compactability thereby reducing capillary pores.

Hydrophobic Pore Blocking Mechanism: In addition to reduction of capillary pores and the DynamicSynCrystallization, MC-Special Plus has special additives, which on one hand causes contraction of capillaries and on the other hand converts the water-absorbing capillary forces into water repellant capillary forces due to the hydrophobic effect of the constituent. Thus water is pushed out of the capillary pores and the concrete is kept dry.

A combination of the properties above provide the concrete an efficient, reliable and durable waterproofing protection against rains, ground water, moisture, dampness, humidity etc.MC-Special Plus is an integral waterproofing compound in powder form, used for all types of concrete, requiring water impermeability. It conforms with IS 2645.


· Resists water penetration and absorption.
· Makes the mix more workable (improves the slump)
· Makes the w/c ratio reduction possible.
· Does not change setting time nor adversely affect the reinforcement.
· Disperses rapidly and makes a homogenous mix.
· Free from chlorides
· Provides an efficient and durable barrier against rainwater, moisture and ground water

MC-Special Plus is easy to use, either in the concrete batching plant or in a transit mixer at site. MC-Special Plus should be added to the concrete after all other components of the mix have been added. Concrete should be mixed for atleast a minute after addition of MC-Special Plus. Dosage is economical at 1 per cent by weight of cement or atleast 3kg MC-Special Plus per cu m of Concrete.
MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt Ltd manufactures this product along with a host of other Construction Chemicals in technical and financial collaboration with MC-Bauchemie, Germany.